De 3 lessen van de mosterd

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Een plaatje zegt meer dan duizend woorden. Het is een veel sneller communicatiemiddel dan gesproken of gedrukte tekst. Voor de grote groep mensen die visueel georiënteerd is, is het gemakkelijker te onthouden. Dat is de reden waarom de winkels en media van vandaag overlopen van afbeeldingen, foto’s, logo’s, posters en video’s. In de tijd van Jezus bestonden al deze [...]

The treasure of knowing Christ

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An old man lived on his own, deep in the mountains of Colorado. When he died, some relatives came from the city to collect his valuables. Upon arriving, all they saw was an old shack. Inside it was just some old junk, like an old cooking pot, some mining equipment, a cracked table and a [...]

Majestic but not to extremes

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A picture says more than a thousand words. It is much quicker to communicate than spoken or printed text, and for a large group of people who are visually oriented, it is easier to remember. That’s why today’s shops and media are full of images, photographs, logo’s, posters and videos. In the time of Jesus all [...]

Mijn PGB-worsteling onder het SVB-regime

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Persoonlijke geschiedenis transitie PGB (ZZP’s) naar SVB voor mijn twee zoons (tweeling) 16-9-2014 Om alle problemen vóór te zijn, informeer ik Loket Haarlem (WMO) nu al over het feit dat mijn zoons een PGB hebben voor begeleid wonen. En ik vraag wat er per 1-1-2015 gaat veranderen. Loket Haarlem stuurt mijn bericht de volgende dag door [...]

Giving up negative thoughts

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Social psychologist Alison Ledgerwood is interested in how people think and how they can think better. One day she asked herself the question, how is it that when I return home from a day’s work, my mood is largely determined by what went wrong during that day, and not by its successes? She found that once our [...]

A sword through your soul

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The gospel reading for today is probably very familiar to us. Also, it was part of the reading on the first of February when we celebrated Candlemas. So it is a legitimate question why we are presented with the same text today. Well, this time the emphasis is not so much on the start of [...]

Do this as often as you do it…

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How often should we celebrate the Eucharist? Why do Roman Catholics, most Anglicans, many Methodists, Lutherans and Presbyterians have a weekly Eucharist (Holy Communion) and most other churches a monthly, quarterly or even annual Holy Supper? The Anglican way to approach such questions is to turn to the Bible, to tradition and to reason. [...]