Being on a mountain for 40 days

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Today is the Sunday right before Lent, Lent being a time of turning inwards, giving up things and considering the painful part of Christ’s and of our own ministry, but also already being aware of the victory that would follow and the reward that Christ has won for us. Now although Lent is still a [...]

Lamb of God or Messiah

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The Lamb of God is a title of Christ we use several times in each Sunday liturgy. But to the general public, it is definitely more obscure than the titles of “Saviour” or “Messiah”. Even in the days of John the Baptist it was by no means a common name for the Messiah.  […]

The end of days

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The time before Advent is traditionally a time when we look forward, not yet to the coming of Christ, but to the end of days, the latter days, the time before the return of Christ. Christ’s own teaching about this is only given at the very end of his ministry, and prompted by four disciples who [...]

Mercy needs no words

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The beliefs of the Pharisees were closer to the teachings of Jesus than those of the Sadducees. Some have even speculated that Jesus might have been a Pharisee. In any case, Jesus got a seemingly friendly invitation for dinner at the house of this Pharisee. […]

Resurrection in 3D

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The story of Tabitha is the story of a loving church community. Love caused Tabitha to do her charitable works. Love caused the other widows to appreciate her work and to call for Peter when she had died. And love caused Peter to make a two hour’s walk from Lydda to Joppa (in our days [...]

Our need and ability to forgive

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J.C. Arnold has collected a number of stories from survivors of the Enschede and Volendam disasters in a book called “To retaliate or to forgive”. In the advertisement for this book our options – when confronted with injustice and suffering – are described differently, “We either keep harbouring resentment or we forgive the other person. [...]

How a Christian can change

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I would like to speak about change. On the one hand, Christians are very familiar with change. After all, we talk about repentance, conversion, being born again and even resurrection from the dead. We know that the Holy Spirit is capable of profound transformations in all kinds of people. They can be brought to realize their true condition and [...]

On the meaning and benefits of blessing

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The words “blessing” and “to bless” are used a lot in Church, and in a variety of meanings. But what is the essence of these concepts, and where do they come from? The English word “blessing” comes from the old Teutonic (Germanic) word ‘bletsian’, meaning “blood sacrifice”. But its meaning changed when it was used [...]