Do this as often as you do it…

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How often should we celebrate the Eucharist? Why do Roman Catholics, most Anglicans, many Methodists, Lutherans and Presbyterians have a weekly Eucharist (Holy Communion) and most other churches a monthly, quarterly or even annual Holy Supper? The Anglican way to approach such questions is to turn to the Bible, to tradition and to reason. [...]

Three spirits that lived on

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The spirits of Elijah and Christ. Last Sunday Fr. Jake spoke about Wisdom and the Word. Today we add the role of the Spirit. Like Wisdom and the Word, the Spirit played a role in creation. Not only that, but this is also the holy and life-giving spirit, which, according to our first Eucharistic prayer, [...]

When a woman says “no”

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When a woman says “no”, she means “no”. That is the message of the Serious Request campaign that is holding Haarlem in its grip for 6 days. It is trying to do something about sexual violence against women in conflict areas.  This morning [21st December 2014] at 11:00, the St. Bavo church in the city [...]

Christ our King

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The feast of Christ the King is not as big as Easter or Christmas, and was only instituted in 1925. It is, however, still considered of great importance, as a kind of grand finale of the liturgical year. The church in Wales and some Lutheran churches celebrate the 4 Sundays preceding Advent as the season [...]

Mercy for crowds

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How do you feel when you end up in a crowd? Are you comfortable with all the opportunities to meet new people and excited about all the unexpected things that happen when you put a large group of people together? Or do you feel rather intimidated by all the colours, smells, noises, opinions, demands and [...]

The right conditions for healing

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The other day, in one of our Wednesday evening Healing Services, we read the following text from St. Mark, chapter 6. “He left that place and came to his home town, and his disciples followed him. On the Sabbath he began to teach in the synagogue, and many who heard him were astounded. They said, ‘Where did [...]

Being on a mountain for 40 days

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Today is the Sunday right before Lent, Lent being a time of turning inwards, giving up things and considering the painful part of Christ’s and of our own ministry, but also already being aware of the victory that would follow and the reward that Christ has won for us. Now although Lent is still a [...]

Lamb of God or Messiah

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The Lamb of God is a title of Christ we use several times in each Sunday liturgy. But to the general public, it is definitely more obscure than the titles of “Saviour” or “Messiah”. Even in the days of John the Baptist it was by no means a common name for the Messiah.  […]