The valuable cornerstone

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Whenever I read the words of the great prophets of the Old Testament, I cannot help but being struck by the directness and the boldness with which the people and the rulers of those days are addressed. In our first reading of today, Isaiah calls the rulers of Jerusalem scoffers and accuses them of making a covenant with [...]

Negative energy – a dark (subject) matter

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In these dark times before Christmas we traditionally pay attention to glimmers of light heralding the great light that came into the world. But as Halloween, All Saints / All souls, Remembrance Sunday and even Advent demonstrate, we also pay some attention to darkness and death itself. After all, we are expecting something that is [...]

Growing towards equality

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Several years ago Bob Deffinbaugh was speaking at a missions conference in India. He was travelling in a group that was riding in a van, on their way to the tent where the conference was being held. They noticed several ladies walking beside the road whom we knew to be going to the conference, and [...]

The food that endures

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There is food that perishes and food that endures. In our age there are many ways to preserve food. From tin cans and jars to fridges and freeze drying. Still I occasionally discover things in my fridge that are too old to be used safely. Or even worse, other members of the family sometimes point them out to [...]